Here are the top seven breeders from all over the world in today’s cannabis market. They are known for their quality, reputable variety of cannabis seeds.

The Best Cannabis Seed Banks

Mediseed Man is a seed bank based in Australia who sell top-quality seeds with a germination guarantee and free delivery Australia Wide. They offer lots of autoflower, feminised, and CBD strains and are fast growing their reliable, professional brand.

One special thing about Mediseed Man is their dedication to their clients. They believe in a high standard of customer service and will go that extra mile to ensure you’re a happy customer.

See Mediseed Man’s wide variety of quality, reliable seeds, from feminised, autoflower, standard, to CBD.

Our Favourite Seed Bank


At Mediseed Man, they take pride in providing the best cannabis seeds available to their loyal and consistently satisfied customers. They can also meet the needs of almost any existing or potential customer looking for an all-natural healing alternative because they stock over 90 strains of cannabis seeds.

Whether you’re a first-time grower or a seasoned gardener, Mediseed Man will have a strain to suit your needs in their extensive catalogue. Mediseed Man offers first-rate, stable seed genetics in their extensive collection of Feminised, Auto Flowering, and CBD seed collections. Their value is demonstrated not only by their low rates, but also by the high quality of their service.


Cannabis seeds from Herbies are everything you want in a weed seed: viable, vigorous, and quick, with high THC content and yield potential. Our online advisers are always ready to help you choose the right seed bank or strain for your needs.

After you’ve ordered your marijuana seeds, you can browse their collection of articles on the art of marijuana production and contact them with any queries you might have during your grow. They will reply to each and every one of them. So, if you’re wondering where to get weed seeds, Herbies is the place to go!


ILGM was created in Amsterdam by Robert Bergman in 2012. His 25 years of experience learning all about growing marijuana has helped his company to become an expert in the cannabis industry.

ILGM has even bred a strain named after its founder, Bergman’s Gold Leaf, an indica-dominant hybrid that gets amazing yields.

Aside from being an outstanding breeder, ILGM provides invaluable insights into how to grow each seed it offers, helping marijuana growers of all levels succeed.


AMS is determined to ensuring that everyone has access to this great plant, which is why they’ve spent the last 25 years developing and supplying high-quality strains to people all around the world. AMS delivers the best of Dutch genetics to your doorstep in the most understated manner imaginable.

Without you, the fans and growers, AMS’ quest would be worthless. This is why, unlike many other seed companies, AMS is committed to providing complete support throughout the growth phase. From their own experiments and decades of developing and perfecting the greatest strains, AMS learned a lot.


MSNL has been sourcing, cultivating, and producing some of the world’s greatest cannabis seed genetics for over 20 years, which is why they’re recognized as the Original Seedbank.

MSNL began collecting marijuana strains in the 1990s and has continued to grow their collection year after year. They have been giving to our consumers with perfect satisfaction since the creation of Feminized seeds and the development of Auto blooming types.

MSNL is driven by innovation and a passion for the humble marijuana plant to produce novel seed genetics and give the highest quality service and experience in the industry.


Paradise Seeds are grown organically and contain all of the essential trace components for a successful start. They follow stringent guidelines when it comes to pollinating our plants. Pollination rooms at Paradise Seeds are safe, ensuring that no stray pollen from other male plants finds its way into their carefully selected stock. Pollen filters are employed in every grow room at Paradise Seeds.

Because the timing of pollination is so critical, they meticulously plan all pollinations to avoid low-quality seeds. They hand-pick only the best seeds after they’ve been produced, discarding the premature and non-fertile ones. The viability and germination of these seeds are then tested by Paradise Seeds. This manner, they can ensure that you will always receive fresh, living seeds that will produce high-quality plants.