Cannabis is mainly grown from seeds. The seeds can be male and female, buy the female because they are the most utilized. In essence, most growers use feminized cannabis because they can promise higher profitability.

Primarily, cannabis is the most utilized drug in Australia. Back in the days, people had a few strains to explore for recreation because of law enforcement. Today, many strains can be found on the market. People buy them to store them as souvenirs until the law about their legalization changes. Until now, Australia, at large, makes the list of the largest cannabis markets in the world.

Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds Queensland?

The legal state of buying cannabis seeds in Australia has experienced many changes in recent years. A severe intensity is primarily developing to push the law to enable Australians to utilize cannabis for recreational purposes. If you are interested in learning about the legality of cannabis seeds, it is safe to check the local laws surrounding the drug, particularly in Queensland. While at it, is weed legal in Queensland? As cannabis laws are constantly changing around the globe, you wouldn’t want to find yourself on the wrong side of the law due to illegal possession of cannabis seeds.

Primarily, ever-changing laws surrounding the legal stand of cannabis begs the question: What laws govern the utilization of cannabis seeds in Queensland Australia? First, the use of Marijuana has been legalized, but under specific terms and conditions. Subsequently, the first clinic has opened, but still awaits government approval before rolling out prescriptions to Australian citizens.

The clinic would serve the needs of many people who have medical issues that require the use of Marijuana. Once they provide a medical prescription, the patients are allowed to use pharmaceutical products that contain Marijuana. Correspondingly, there is a limitation that controls how the patients consume the products. For instance, those with severe illnesses are specially considered for marijuana drugs to treat their conditions.

In light of this, Marijuana cannot be used in Queensland for recreational purposes. A petition has been put forward to probe Queensland’s lawmakers to implement new laws for the purpose. Besides using cannabis seeds for recreational use, it is possible for Queensland residents to but the seeds. That is possible when the seeds are bought with no intention of growing them, but instead as souvenirs.

Subsequently, the residents store them until the laws governing their use change. Queensland may also follow the trend of legalizing the growth of a limited number of cannabis seeds at home.


Can You Get Seeds Shipped to Australia?

Yes. Anyone living in Australia can buy cannabis seeds in Queensland. Once you decide to ship them, you have to consider important factors. For instance, which cannabis strains are you interested in? The seeds that you choose should be the ideal ones to grow your desired plants once their cultivation is made legal. In this case, you can ship your seeds using ILGM. The ordering process is facilitated on, and the seeds are available for almost every strain.

Once you purchase the seeds, efficient labeling and storage are also significant. Labeling would tell you the strains that you would need to purchase later to avoid buying the same product. On the other hand, adequate storage would protect the seeds from excess light, heat, and moisture.

Top Cannabis Seeds in Queensland

If you are ready to buy cannabis seeds Queensland Australia, you can begin your seed collection by identifying the top seed strains. In essence, the strains should be affordable and highly viable. That said, you can consider the following;

White Widow Feminized

Buy White Widow seeds for $57 to $160 for various amounts of seeds. It provides a powerful and calming effect. It is the ideal choice for individuals looking for something to take through deep conversations or creative projects. It has both Indica and Sativa components for uplifting effects and treating chronic pain, respectively. White Widow is also packed with a THC range of 18-25% and CBD range of 0-1%.

Some outstanding physical characteristics include orange pistils, dark green perky fan leaves, and sugar leaves with a creamy hue. Subsequently, they can be bought on wholesale to be planted indoors or outdoors. The price ranges from $61 to $169, depending on the number of seeds.

Auto Blueberry Feminized

The auto feminized strain has an excellent fruity taste. Its high yield presents the potential of harvesting the plant after ten weeks of flowering. 1% and 21% CBD and THC ranges, respectively, contribute to medical treatments for stress, insomnia, pain, a lack of appetite, and depression. Auto Blueberry is characterized by dense light green buds with bright red hairs. It is easy to grow and provides medium yield when grown indoors or outdoors.

The ordering process of Auto Berry feminized cannabis seeds is simple and straightforward. Shipping takes one or two business days from the day of purchase. Subsequently, it takes around 10 business days for customers to receive their parcels.

Banana Kush Feminized

The sweet-smelling strain alleviates pain and anxiety, induces creativity as well. Banana Kush has THC levels between 16-19% and CBD levels of 1%. Densely packed light-orange pistils characterize it. Orders can be placed on online seed banks or via telephone on any day of the week but within working hours.

Similarly, the seeds Queensland can be bought from an online seed bank using cash, personal checks, Bitcoin, wire transfers, or money orders. Three seeds are priced for as low as $61. 5, 10, and 20 seeds can be bought for $84, $118, and $169.