Western Australia takes up over a third of the entire continent. However, although Western Australia is large, it has a significantly low population. That means that ample land remains available for cultivation and utilization. Land availability is one thing, but it has to support a pleasant climate for adequate plant cultivation. The southern part of Western Australia has an excellent Mediterranean climate that is perfect for marijuana cultivation. You can find a variety of strains in that part of Western Australia, but all can fit into three categories.

Can You Get Seeds Shipped to Australia?

You can search and get seeds online Western Australia from websites like Ilovegrowingmariuana.com, which sells seeds and provides useful insights on different marijuana strains. The company website reviews the various available strains, guides how to grow them, and information on all the requirements needed to start cultivating marijuana.

Strain Information
Indica: which are also naturally occurring strains but have dense plump buds, broad leaves, and deep color.
Marijuana hybrids: these are a blend of Indica and Sativa.
Sativas: which are naturally occurring cannabis strains characterized by long thin leaves and a light green color.

What The Legislation Says Towards Purchasing Marijuana in Western Australia

Due to its psychoactive effects, possession and use of marijuana in Australia remained illegal until September 2019. On 25th September 2019, the Australian government legalized the use of medicinal marijuana under prescription to treat severe illnesses. The laws also legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Any adult over the age of 18 is allowed to purchase and hold up to 50 grams of marijuana. The government also will enable farmers to cultivate two marijuana plants per person or four plants for the entire household.

However, the journey to the legalization of marijuana in Australia has been long. The United Nations banned the growing and use of marijuana in the sixties. That move propagated protests and demonstrations from organized groups advocating for its legalization based on marijuana’s pharmaceutical and recreational benefits.

The legalization campaigns took another hit when the US labeled marijuana a class I controlled substance and banned the trade and use of all controlled substances. The authorities also banned the purchase of marijuana for academic or medical research.

After several decades, few countries began decriminalizing marijuana and reducing the sentence for its possession. It would not be until the 1990s when the US held a referendum on the cultivation and use of marijuana when the world, including Australia, started reviewing its strict restrictions against marijuana. Cannabis laws in Western Australia began to change by introducing hemp and CBD into the pharmaceutical industry.

The country restricted mass production and only allowed its use under unique circumstances because even medicinal marijuana contains THC and has a high probability of abuse.

Australia eventually revised its laws to allow minimal use of marijuana in the country, which means that farmers and consumers can purchase weed seeds in Western Australia without prosecution. Suffice to say, adult consumers are only allowed to possess up to 50 grams of marijuana. No restrictions have been put forward to medical facilities on the amount of cannabis they can have. Specialists, however, need to obtain authorization to be allowed to prescribe marijuana to patients.

Because the laws regulating the use of marijuana keep changing, it is always better to check the local regulations from time to time whenever you wish to purchase marijuana seeds.

Marijuana Grow Guide

Top Cannabis Seeds in Western Australia

Before you buy cannabis seeds, make sure you know the best strain or your needs. There are several reputable sources you can buy weed seeds in Western Australia. Many seed banks source quality strains in the world and ship them directly to you in Australia upon order. You can get your marijuana seeds shipped at no cost from Ilovegrowingmariuana.com to Western Australia if your order costs more than $150. Visit the seed bank website, click on “buy seeds,” and follow the prompts to pay and complete your order. Here are the top marijuana seeds Western Australia has.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain

Girl Scout cookies

The Girl Scout cookies weed strain is a feminized hybrid of OG Kush and Durban Poison marijuana strains. It is uniquely beautiful with twisted calyxes and leaves that have orange hairs. Girl Scout cookies are predominantly Sativa with a small portion of Indica. The CBD content of Girl Scout Cookies is about 2%, and its THC is up to 28%. Girl Scout cookies can provide relief for nausea, appetite loss, and severe pain. All the Girl Scout cookies phenotypes have significant medicinal and recreational uses. They, however, vary in euphoric effect and appearance. You can purchase Girl Scout Cookies for as little as $109.

Gorilla glue strain

Gorilla Glue

Made from a mixture of three strains, Chem’s Sister, Chocolate Diesel, and Sour Dubb, Gorilla Glue auto-flowering cannabis strain is a great plant to grow because it is low maintenance and mature relatively fast. It grows into a compact shrub enabling a farmer to cultivate it in small spaces. They are highly adaptive and do well both indoors and outdoors. Gorilla Glue has balanced amounts of Indica and Sativa with THC levels of up to 26%. Because of its low THC levels, Gorilla Glue is ideal for medicinal purposes. You can get Gorilla Glue feminized seeds online Western Australia for $109.

Blue Dream Strain

Blue Dream Fem

For as little as $99, you can purchase Blue Dream Fem marijuana seeds that have consistently heavy yields. Blue Dream is one of the most preferred weed strains in the US because of its high Sativa content. It is 80% Sativa and 20% Indica. It contains a significant amount of CBD and THC levels of up to 21%. It has a sweet aroma and scent and a sedative effect when consumed. Although consumers mostly use it for recreation purposes, Blue Dream can treat depression, nausea, and pain brought about by severe illnesses. The Blue Dream weed plant flourishes better indoors with a subtropical climate. The advantage of growing the Blue Dream indoors is that you can control the pests attracted by the plants’ flower buds’ sweet aroma.

white widow strain

White Widow

The white widow marijuana strain is one of the best hybrids created. It is significantly easy to grow, and its seeds have a substantial effect beneficial for both recreation and medicinal use. It has up to 19% THC and a significant amount of CBD. It comprises of 40% Sativa and 60% Indica. The White Widow is easy to grow indoors because it is small and compact, only growing to a height of two to four feet. They produce high-quality yields after only nine weeks. Used recreationally, the white widow brings about a powerful, long-lasting mental buzz. Although it has a powerful buzz, the White Widow does not have an overwhelming experience and does not have critical side effects.

Blueberry Strain


Blueberry weed strain is a predominantly Indica marijuana strain. It has a strong aroma and flavor that delivers strong euphoria when used recreationally. The strain contains 80% Indica and 20% Sativa with THC levels of 16% but low amounts of CBD. Blueberry strain is a hybrid of three of the most potent weed strains available. It is best grown outdoors where there is room for it to flourish. Although it has low CBD levels, it is still one of the most purchased marijuana strains for medicinal purposes. Because the cannabis laws Western Australia allow for medicinal marijuana use, you can buy Blueberry weed from seed banks online for $89.


Super Skunk

Super Skunk is another popular weed strain available for purchase online. It is famous for its aroma and strong euphoric effects. Super Skunk strain is also 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. It has a high THC content of 20% and a low amount of CBD. Growers prefer Super Skank marijuana because it flowers quickly and produces healthy buds that have high THC content. The compact, bushy stature of the plant makes it ideal for cultivating indoors. Medicinal consumers use Super Skunk to treat nausea, muscle spasms, headaches, and severe pain. Recreational users use their euphoric effects to help them relax and unwind.


Strawberry Kush

Strawberry Kush is one of the fastest-growing weed strains in the market. Strawberry Kush is a hybrid between OG Kush and Strawberry Cough. It has a sweet and distinctive woody flavor. Strawberry Kush is 75% Indica and 25% Sativa. It has THC levels of up to 18% and negligible amounts of CBD. It is ideal for first-time users because it has mild effects characterized by a subtle high and slight euphoria. Strawberry Kush helps with tension and stress relief. Consumers also use it to boost their moods and improve their appetites.

Because Australian legislation still shows some reservations on the purchase and use of marijuana, the most accessible place for you to purchase it in Western Australia is through the internet. Visit a seed bank website online and order your seeds, and the bank will deliver them to you.