Gold Leaf Feminized Seeds

The Gold Leaf variety refers to an Indica-dominant hybrid consisting of 40% Sativa and 60% Indica. Generated by Robert Bergman, ILGM owner, this strain is known as one of the coolest breeds to grow in the open, with some of the highest yields. He has bred it, so it is easy to grow tall, cultivate, be covered in buds, and have a regular flowering time.

Gold Leaf has a unique and strong aroma that you will soon love. It stands out for its large size, large buds, and strong effects. The growers can freely display their crops thanks to how quick it can grow, how strong the plant is, and how it manages to grow to heights of more than 7 meters, producing an impressive yield.

Origin of the Gold Leaf Strain

Robert Bergman combined different plants to produce a tall, refined Sativa-like plant with Indica features that consumers love. To achieve that, Robert created a genetic balance of 60% Indica genetics with 40% Sativa genetics, producing that thoroughly balanced combination of creativity, euphoria, and mood-boosting charm that keeps consumers coming back. The THC levels of the product he came up with is 21%.

Marijuana Grow Guide

Growing Gold Leaf Seeds

What Climate Does the Gold Leaf Weed Strain Grow Best?

Gold Leaf strain seeds are feminized. In contrast to male plants, female plants produce marijuana. They start to bloom when they get less light every day, that is, in autumn or control the light cycle inside. ILGM’s Gold Leaf weed is an excellent choice for beginners who want to grow outdoors with ease in the summer.

Flowering & Yield: What Is the Indoor/Outdoor Harvest?

Grown outdoors, it can yield plants over two meters tall from cannabis seeds that begin to germinate almost immediately. The weed variety also exhibits a constant growth rate, an important trait that assists the plants in producing high harvests. If you want to grow the strain indoors, you may still get good results. It takes a little additional work, but with the reward or the yields you get, it is worth it. To make sure you receive maximum growth, you must manage the plants with proper cultivation and pruning.

Indoor crops produce a flowering time of 54 to 63 days. An indoor grow produces an average of between 15 and 23 ounces of cannabis per square meter.

Feeding Gold Leaf Weed Strain

Always make sure to provide your plants with the correct nutrients. Marijuana Fertilizer set by Bergman provides accurate NPK ratios in every stage of plant growth.

If you grow outdoors and protect your plants from fungi or pests, use the plant protector to protect your plants.

If you require all the nutrients, seeds, and protectors, it is best to take the Complete Gold Leaf Grow Set. The marijuana grows kits have all the items you require for a complete gold leaf grow (plus a massive discount).

Gold Leaf Strain Growing Notes

The Gold Leaf weed is best cultivated outdoors. Outdoors, you have the likelihood of reaching your full potential easily and quickly. However, don’t worry if you plan to cultivate it indoors. You can achieve great yields with proper care, cultivation, and pruning.

Expert growers suggest that if you are growing indoors, you should use a method that increases yield and reduces height, such as the Screen of Green.

Experiencing Gold Leaf Strain

If you want an instant response, you will enjoy the near-instant mood boost you get from using Gold Leaf. You immediately feel happy, cheerful, and calm. From there, you’ll quickly move on to euphoria-fueled creativity to help you get through the daily activities. Listed below are things to expect when you use Gold Leaf.

  • Creativity
  • Smile
  • Elevation
  • Happiness
  • Euphoria

The Gold Leaf strain causes some individuals to experience various side effects. Below is a quick look at the side-effects you are likely to experience.

  • Moderately dry mouth
  • Mild dry eyes
  • Mild paranoia (when taking large doses)
  • Mild headache
  • Slight dizziness

Gold Leaf Strain Taste & Smell

The Gold Leaf weed has an exclusive aroma. It is unlike anything else in the marketplace. When you first turn it on, you will notice a sweet, earthy scent that later turns into a fresh pine scent.

After that, you will revel in a rich, dense smoke on the mouth and throat. It then turns into a spicy, skunky scent that you’ll enjoy.

The Gold Leaf weed also has a lot of flavors. There exist earthy industrial aromas of puddles of tar and diesel that swim amongst the sweetest and most powerful flavors playing on the tongue. The flavor ends quickly, leaving a sugary but not overpowering aftertaste.

Uses of Marijuana in Gold Leaf

The Gold Leaf marijuana strain was fashioned to be a highly-flavored hybrid. It provides medicinal properties of both Indica and Sativa to medical cannabis patients. This variety is powerful and offers several stress-reducing and pain-relieving properties. Hence, it is a great variety to treat anxiety, depression, and prolonged pain.

When consumed in smaller amounts, it helps fight fatigue quickly. Larger quantities of this variety can trigger cravings, so people with nausea, decreased appetite, and eating disorders can go back to eating freely. Since Gold Leaf assists in relieving stress, you can get a good night’s sleep after a few puffs, making it efficient in insomnia treatment.

Here are some of the unbearable chronic conditions that have been successfully treated with the Gold Leaf cannabis strain.

  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of appetite
  • Chronic pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder
  • ADD / ADHD
  • Arthritis
  • Fatigue

Buy Gold Leaf Seeds

ILGM offers the Gold Leaf breed in two diverse ways. You might not want large plants, or it may be your first time to grow them. Gold Leaf weed strain seeds by ILGM grow almost naturally and do not require a large garden or grow space.

If you are searching for the best offer in Gold Leaf plants, ILGM provides the following seed type packs:

This strain also comes in cut-rate marijuana grow kit that contains all the nutrients and cannabis protectors you require for a complete grow from start to finish.

ILGM also offers free shipping to all parts of Australia. They guarantee the germination of the seeds you purchase and the arrival of the order. If you have any queries, please visit our support center.